Today many people use the Yahoo mail service. This service provides by the Yahoo. When any user has to face any issues that are related to the Yahoo mail. A user wants to a solution of the issues because of a reason of this issue, a user could not work properly at the Yahoo mail.
Yahoo mail is the best service for the mailing because it has the many extra features from other mailing services .when user uses the Yahoo mail then faced many issues and raise the question why comes this issue in my mailing service.

Here we discussed the Yahoo mail FAQ’s:-
How does DMARC affect my email delivery to Yahoo?
DMARC allows senders to specify how receivers can act on email which may not be sent from their domains. Depending on the policy published by the sender it may get rejected, or go to the spam folder or no action may be taken

How does Yahoo Mail determine a mailer's overall reputation?
Yahoo Mail considers many factors including, but not limited to:
IP address reputation
URL reputation
Domain reputation
Sender reputation
Autonomous System Number (ASN) reputation
Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures
if you have an ability to reputable sending history, many users can vote your email as spam and affect your overall reputation. So if you want to receive your emails to the inbox, the best practice is to send relevant content to the users who want it and have opted to receive it.
To solve any issue related to the Yahoo, click on the given link-

Why is my email going to Yahoo Mail's spam folder?
If you have low open rates, it could mean that your emails are getting flagged by spam filters. In this guide, we’ll share 11 reasons why your emails go to spam, and how to make sure they don’t.

How are the new features in Yahoo Mail related to Yahoo Messenger?
We know in your connected life you frequently cross devices as well as communication mediums. Best services of the like Yahoo Mail and the new Yahoo Messenger version 11 (to find your version, go to Help -> About) work together better than ever. Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger do the share a common search platform. It means now you do to records Yahoo immediate messages along with your mail messages on Yahoo servers and search them together (including Voice Mail, SMS, and more) from a wide variety of devices and computing systems.